On-Air Guitar

Dave Dana's jazzed about this new show on CTV.

by Craig Gilbert - October 6, 2005

Local six-string impresario Dave Dana is a natural host for the Citizens' Television program Guitar Jazz with Dave Dana. The show is just the most recent of many checkmarks on the Dave Dana "accomplishments" list that he's been lengthening since his interest in guitars began as a young pup. He still carries that persistent, do-it-all enthusiasm.

Now, keep in mind that even with his deceptively youthful spark, appearance and banter, Dana has been playing the guitar for almost 45 years. "You don't have to mention that fact," he says with a laugh.

But that nugget of info is both complimentary and noteworthy. Having circled around both the Elm City's and the larger world's jazz block more than a few times, Dana has that "been there, done that" love and appreciation for the music. And his "jammed with" list backs that up: He's played Carnegie Hall twice, done Vegas more often than visitors to the Bunny Ranch, and played or recorded with Buddy Rich, Stevie Wonder, the Supremes, Jaco Pastorius, Tony Bennet and dozens of jazz greats. His passion courses though all his activities today, including his teaching positions at the Neighborhood Music School and the Hartford Conservatory of Music.

Oh yeah... and that television show. Keeping the joi de vivre as well as the history of guitar jazz alive, Dana has guest musicians sit in on his program and play with his all-star group (whose members have played with more top acts than you can shake a George Benson E-string at). With one show, featuring Mike Coppola and his impressive, outlandish nine-string techniques, already airing, and two more in the can (with non-slouch guests Prof. Richie Hart and New York City native Prof. Rick Stone, respectively), Dana's quick-digit, smoothed-up lounge standards (pure sit, eat, and relax music), plus some less wedding reception-esque originals, blend well with the multitude of tunes from both the groups and Dana's jazz quiver.